Saturday, October 3, 2009

Busy Day Ahead

I am up early because I have alot to do today. First start washing Slicks clothes, cook lunch, clean kitchen, work on Scrap~N~on the River website and cut the grass. Buddy and Slick say I only like cutting the grass on the zero turn so I can play. That is partly true the other is I get a tan by the time I cut 5 acers. Oh, I forgot I have to go take pictures of the 5lots and floating house with a extra long boat ramp on Old River so we post them for sale. I just thank God for the strength to get it ALL done.:) The house belongs to my in-laws and they are not able to keep it up anymore. During fishing season when they where able to live there, they would make money. They have a box at the boat ramp if you wanted to launch at Fair View for $3.00 and you could park your truck on the lots. My father in-law is in a wheel chair and mother in-laws health has declined. I love them both so much. My mother in-law was/is my BFF. It just hurts to see how someone you love so much has problems remembering things. My father in-law & I have a true father daughter relationship. They are on a fixed income and their medications are very expensive. This is another reason we need to sale Fair View boat landing. Anyone interested please email me at Please pray for us.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's ME!

It's about time I get to Blog. I had 2 computers crash. First is was Buddy's laptop and than my laptop. Buddy blamed Slick and I for the crash because "all we do is go one facebook". I did not disagree because he thinks he is always right! LOL Well he said he wanted to use my NEW laptop so he could check his email and read the Natchez Democrat. That is all Buddy does with his laptop. I got my laptop and let him read the paper online. During the few days he had total control of my laptop, because he is not very compute smart. After a few days Buddy wakes me up and says something is wrong with my computer. After checking it out I figured it out. There was a number of viruses that invaded the laptops through the Natchez Democrat. I was so happy to tell him the computers crashing was not because of Slick and I but HIM. That was so "SWEET". You ladies know what I mean.LOL It take all day to fix both computer. Buddy is not allowed to use my laptop anymore to go on the Natchez Democrat or watch those emails that his friends forward him. I was able to fix his laptop with out wiping out it completely. Mine on the other hand, I had to wipe out my laptop back to the factory settings. Thank God I had emailed most of my info to myself.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Scrap~N~on the River was AMAZING! Lisa Bearnson coming to Natchez, MS for Scrap~N~on the River after having a wreck goes to show what a wonderful person she is. Lisa and Breaken had a terriable wreck Thank God they are ok. We tried to show them what true southern hospitality is all about. My prayer is that Lisa will come back next year and bring her whole family. I feel Lisa and I are alot alike. We both have strong faith, family, scrapbooking and friends. Lisa has the sweetest personality.

Brecken, Annette, Lisa, Pam & Momma

Slick & Lisa

The cake we had to celebrate was AMAZING!

Linda McClure from Vidalia, LA made the cake using the cricut to decorate cake. Notice the scrapbook paper on the table. Mrs. McClure made the cake look like the paper. Cool! I wish we could show people there is so much more to learning basic math, english, history, science. We can make learning fun. Mrs. McClure was a school teacher and now she makes cakes and has fun doing it. I did not think I would ever need all the above subjects but I use them daily in scrapbooking. I have just learned a creative way to use them and remember them. There is a creative way to get students attention. Slick took ceramics at Co-Lin to get his GPA up. It worked but whats more important is he learned something new. Now he is taken ceramics II. He sold his ceramics at Scrap~N~on the River.

Slick tries so hard to help the young girls that come to the convention with their mothers to feel good. He says he knows what it felt like at the DU banquet as a child and he did not win anything. He tries to make sure that does not happen at Scrap~N~on the River.

All the Scrap~N~on the River QUEENS!
More to come. We are planning for the 2010 convention. It will be
July 22, 23&24,2010.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Count Down

Momma, Maecee Bug, and I are working hard to get everything finalized. This time next Sunday I know I will be sound asleep. If my Boys want Sunday dinner next week they will cook it or go to LaFiesta. LOL! I talk tuff but last year I got up and cooked a large Sunday dinner. Than I went back to bed. Momma went to bed for 2 days and Bug being young was up and ready to play.

I can not wait for everone to see the cups we got for the drinks this year. They are pink and when you put ice in them they change colors. The T-shirts are so cute. Everyone that signed up before Feb. 28,2009 will get a orange T-shirt. We have ocean blue T-shirts to sell for $15.00 each. We will be selling raffle tickets for a MINI LAPTOP COMPUTER for $5.00 each. Who ever wins it will be able to carry it with them next year to the 2010 Scrap~N~on the River and connect it to their Cricut. Whahoooo!!!

If you have not signed up for the steak dinner please do so ASAP. We can not wait to see all of YA"LL! I Thank God for my family and all of my friends. I Thank God for the strenth to do Scrap~N~on the River!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Count Down To Scrap~N~on the River

Hellooo Girls,

To start off with if you get this message more than once, I am sorry. I am trying to get it set up some I can let all know what is going on. We have had an answer to prayer. We have opened up to ladies to be able to come just for the day at $50.00per day and yes you CAN take Lisa's classes. We now have the whole Convention Center this is why we can open up to 1 dayers. Momma and I realize life happens and not everyone can attend for 3 days that is why I work so hard to get more space. And just this past week I got the okay. SO COME ON AND REGISTER GIRLS! i WANT to make sure I have enough goody bags, door prizes etc. Momma, MaeceeBug, & I would love to see ya'll. As most know Lisa Bearnson will be at Scrap~N~on the River this year and will be teaching 2 classes. The first is CKU in a Box and the other is Pocket full of Cards. If you have not signed up for Lisa's CKU class you will need to do so by Monday July 13 by 10.00am so she can have them sent to me.

Title: Pocket Full of Cards
Cost: $15.00
Availability: 75
Pockets are a wonderful thing and not just in paper crafting. Look around you at all the pockets you use or see. There are pockets for displaying things (a silk handkerchief in a man's suit), those that hold things (pant's pockets or wallet), ones for organizing (in a purse or briefcase), a few to hide things in (a child's pockets), others to catch things (pockets on a pool table or baseball glove) and a place or position (football quarterbacks stand in the pocket or in a bowling, the space between the head pin and the next pin behind). You can be in a pocket, put things in a pocket, line one's pockets, or be out of pocket. So how does this related to paper crafting? In much the same ways it does in every day life. Here are a few examples: Use a pocket to hold an item such as a gift card, tag, or note. Use a pocket as an accent or to display something. Hide part of the card in a pocket; show part of the hidden item. Use multiple pockets to sort several things. Place a pocket on a tag, bag or box. In this class, you will learn new techniques for making pockets which can be applied to scrapbook pages or cards. You will receive all the supplies to complete three cards during
the class.
Title: CKU in a Box
Cost: $40.00
Availability: As many as sign up
Description: CKU in a Box brings the acclaimed Creating Keepsakes University program right to you. Complete three unique projects designed by Lisa Bearnson, Tracy White and Becky Higgins.
Kit includes:
• Tracy’s journaling class. Complete a 9x9 journal album.
• Lisa’s album class called "10 Things that Define You." Complete a 9x12 D-ring
• Becky card class. Complete 6 beautiful cards.
All projects come with everything you need to complete the project. Just add your words and photos! With over a 1,000 pieces and a 90 minute instructional DVD this kit is just like being at the event!

Anna Bess Simmons will be teaching 2 classes and they are darlin.
The first project is a HOME banner. Using lots of the newest papers and embellishments, you will learn and apply tons of techniques and have a precious project for yourself or for a gift! Sponsored by Anthologies

Be Free- This is an altered piece of roofing aluminum. You can place it on a stand or hang it. This project uses lots of different techniques and textures and helps you to learn to think outside of the box!

There is so much she can not get it on the plane. Lisa will also be signing autographs and speaking at the pajama party "Finding Joy in the Jouney". We will have a Birthday Cake to celebrate 5yrs. Check them out on the website. Saturday night for the pajama party is when will hav the Jerry D. Roberts Memorial Scholarship Steak Dinner Benefit. The tickets are $20.00 each. You have until July 15,2009 to order. I have to order the steaks from the meat market.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


It was so HOT last night. Maecee Bug had a softball game last night at 8pm and it felt like it was 12noon. Cindy called and sent out a text inviting all of us to come watch her play ball. Bug was so shocked to see all of us come watch her. She said "No pressure MeMee". We said just do your best and she did. She got up to bat and made a double. She is the pictcher and done a great job! We are so proud of her. After the game she came to each one of us and thanked us for coming. I love seeing my nieces and nephews together. Slick and I , Graham & Rivers with our new great neice puppy, Karianna was there with Cullen. She said Cullen is a night person because everytime she lays down to go to sleep Cullen wakes up and jumps in her belly all night. We said it is just begining.LOL Family is so important. We might not always get alone but we are FAMILY! Life is to short so be sure to put God first, Family next than everythingelse will fall into place.

Last Sat. my sister Cindy married her best friend. I thank her and Nick for taken care of momma and pawpaw.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can Not Sleep!

I hate when I can not sleep because by the end of the day I will be draging. I have taken advantage of it. Ihave been working on Scrap~N~on the River. I have set up emails for 2009 scrapbookers, Blog and tweet.LOL I am in Hattiesburg, MS for a training for the Red Cross. I was excited about the training until I spoke with my regionial boss. She informed me she wanted to move forward on hiring someone to take over the Adams County Red Cross. I have tried to do the best job to promote the annual board meeting and it worked we had around 50 people show up for the meeting with a number of elected officials. I would like to THANK everyone that attended the meeting. It is greatly appreciated. You can read the following articals & I am on call 24.7 and do not mind at all. I am trying to show the Red Cross is here ALL the time and not just during a hurricane. Just this weekend I spent about 3hours working with a family on a military call The family has 3 family members in the military and needs to notify them and get them home. This is where the military will on use the Red Cross to do this. The Red Cross and the military communicate to try and help families get notified. Remember MASH on TV how there seem to be a message coming in from the Red Cross all the time. Well, we still do that. I do not just stop there I call and checking on the family afterwards. My hope and prayer is to get more volunteers trained to do military calls, disaster assessments, casework etc. At this time we do not have alot of volunteers but once I can get trained to teach maybe we build our chapter. The Adams County Chapter had a very nice praise. It was said that when a hurricane happens Natchez has volunteers coming together like no other. That goes to show Natchez is a loving, caring community with hospitality. At this time we service 4 counties Adams, Amite, Jefferson, & Wilkinson. Because Vidalia does not have a Red Cross in Vidalia, if I get a military call from someone in Concordia Parish I try to help them. In my mind there is NO boundaries when it comes to helping someone. Thank you for your support that is how we are able to continue helping.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

In Overload

The count down to Scrap~N~on the River and we are trying to figure out the last little details. Moma has her hands full taken care of our dad. I am working at the Red Cross as the Excutive Director planning for hurricane season. I now God is going to guide me. If I would just STOP trying to help Him. God needs no help!

I can't wait to meet Lisa Bearnson in person. On the phone she seems to be the sweetist down to earth person. When she gets to Natchez, my plan is to show her TRUE SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY! Maybe she will want to come back yearly?

I am praying that I will be able to go to CHA in Orlando FL. This is the largest craft and hobby show in America. My plan is to go and see what the latest and greatest, because everything goes in cycles. Crafts are no different. Scrap~N~on the River has been a huge success for Natchez. As of now we have 60 rooms for 3 nights. I would love to develop another type convention to bring more people to town. At this time I have been told there in no help to do that. If anyone has any answers please let me know. Anyone wanting to advertise at Scrap~N~on the River please let me know.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lisa Bearnson will be comfirmed

Hey Girls
I talked to Lisa Bearnson today and she will be here on Thursday, July 23. I am so excited. Lisa is working on designing some classes and prepairing for Scrap~N~on the River. God has truly blessed us by Lisa coming to the convention. She is so sweet and is looking forward to seeing Natchez and all of us Southern Belle Scrapbookers. We are going to show Lisa that Scrap~N~on the River Girls just want to have fun!

Red Cross

As most of you know I am working at the Adams County Red Cross as the Exective Dir. I actully wear many hats. To start with I am the bookkeeper, fundraiser, PR person, messege communitcater for the different classes taught, etc. And in the midest of all this I am on call in case of a disaster. A disaster can be anything from hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, to families being burned out of their homes. So being the RED CROSS is a blessing and a curse at the same time. I love to help people and it hurts me to see them loose everything they have. I try to give encourgement and give them a little hope for tomorrow than I go home and deal with what I have done that day. I go to my garden or flower bed and Thank God that He help me deal with what I had to do that day. Some times I go get on my husbands lawnmower and just ride and cut grass. He says it takes me so long but I am just listening to God talk to me. I believe that God puts you in places to do His work and gives us a brain to make choices. Please pray for me as I try to do the best job I can at the Red Cross and get ready for Scrap~N~on the River. Scrap~N~on the River is right around the corner. It is going to be the best one yet. Moma, Maecee and I cant wait to see everyone. Yes, Slick will be there to keep everyone lauging. He has some things to raffle. He took ceramics this year in college and enjoyed it so much. He has grown up so much this year.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Red Cross is a Blessing

My name is Pam Frank, I am the Interim Chapter Manager of the Adams County Red Cross. I was on the Board of the local chapter and in March the manager’s husband, who was the Sheriff of Adams County died of a heart attack. Angie Brown (Chapter Manager) was then appointed as Sheriff leaving the Adams County Red Cross without a manager. At the board meeting I spoke up and said I can do the job. Especially since hurricane season is right around the corner and there are people in our area that need to know the Red Cross is here for them. I was then appointed to be the Interim Chapter Manager. In the past two weeks I have worked 3 single family fires. Two of which where within 1/2mile from the volunteer fire dept. No one ever thinks about joining the volunteer fire dept. or the Red Cross until they need them. This is so said to me but at least I am able to help the families. There is only one problem. I have to drive back to the office and log on to the Red Cross website so I can activate the families credit card. This can take up to 4 long hours. There is NO reason it should take so long with today's technology. I should be able to activate the cards at the site. But because our Chapter is small we do not have the funds to update our computers and purchase the latest technology in order to help our clients immediately. We are also in need of a 4-wheel drive vehicle to be able to get to some of our clients. One of our clients lived down a road that was nothing but mud and it was raining at the time. I am trying to look for any grants that might help our Chapter. When I got the email about twitting for a chance at $100,000.00 for the Red Cross I thought I would at least try. The money would get put to great use. We would be able to help any client any where on the spot. I am praying our Chapter will be awarded the money. Also if any others that read this would like to help the Adams County Chapter of the American Red Cross can call 601-442-3656 or send donations to 211 N. Union St., Natchez, MS. 39120. It would greatly appreciated.

We in Adams County are in a DEPRESSED community and we are looking for jobs to come to our community. This is why I am writing you today after receiving the email from Brian Rhoa on the subject Execs: Process Begins to Determine Centers of Expertise for Accounting I know without a doubt our community leaders would do what ever it takes to get the COE’s in Natchez, MS. I have been out of the work force for about 10yrs and do not understand with technology as it is the ARC is so for behind times. I was raised by a single mother with three children watching M.A.S.H. seeing the BIG RED CROSS everywhere. But over the years until Hurricane Katrina and Rita I did not know what happened to the BIG RED CROSS. I am very interested in the Red Cross because I like helping people in need. Since 2005 our nation has over come a lot of bumps in the road and we as a national organization need to learn how to put it in gear and roll on with the changes. But pay attention to what the needs are. There is so much red tape that bogs us down it is hard to move forward. I have a number of ideas that would be very cost effective and would put the BIG RED CROSS out there in a positive way.

You can go to and to read up on the Adams County Red Cross. You can also go on my website to see who I am, and after, you should be able to tell I am a go getter and do not back down from a challenge. I would like to do what ever I can to help make the ARC in our community/nation more user friendly and service minded

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Super Woman!

My husband wants to know how I plan on working at the Red Cross,work on Scrap~N~on the River and take care of him. I said with the Lord's help. I can do All things through Christ which strengthens me. That is what the Bible says. And I believe it! I have taken the interim chapter manager of the American Red Cross in Adams County. Please pray for me. Scrap~N~on the River is starting to fill up. Anyone wanting to sign up needs to do so as soon as possible. Also is you do not have your room yet you need to do that as soon as possible. I spoke with Lisa Bearnson last week and she is designing her classes. As soon as I get the classes I will post them. Lisa will be signing autographs on for books you can purchase them at
Lisa will also be speaking to everyone during he pajama party on "Finding Joy in the Jouney".

Now to let you know what is going on with momma. She is doing great because she can see the light at the end tunnuel with my dad. He has started walking this week. Thank the Lord! We call him pawpaw for the grandkids. Pawpaw is so ready to come home. His PT person has had to slow him down so he will not have a set back. Momma said to tell everyone thank you for your prayers.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

God is in Controll

In the past month we have seen life long friends on a regular basis at the furnral homes. When I say life long friends, it is friends we do not see on a weekly or monthly basis. God knows what He is doing. Just last week I had to call momma and tell her my cuzin had taken a turn for the worst. His blood pressure was 55/28. Momma said God can interveen. I agreed but I had to be blunt with her and explain he was dieing. Mike was 41yrs old and has been fighting cancer for 3yrs. God was in controll and gave the family time to say goodby.

Mike is no longer hurting! Thank you God. God will be with the family and as long as they turn to God. It is All about FAITH!

We got good news about my dad Tue. The doctors are saying he might get to go home from the nursing home next month. Momma is so happy to think pawpaw will be home with her on a daily basis.

God has truely blessed Scrap~N~on the River by Lisa Bearnson attending the convention this year. The people signing up is just overwhelming. Maecee and I was on KNOE TV in Monroe LA. Tue. morning. You can see the segment at We have so many new people signing up. I am hoping everyone decorates their tables so we can show Lisa Scrap~N~on the River Girls just Wanta have FUN!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boy Whata Day

We got up early this morning to bad news. I friends husband was found dead early this morning. Who just happens to be my husbands boss. Everyone in our county can not believe this. I just have to say it is all in God's hands. Please pray for our community.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Proud Mother of a Southren Man

I just found out Slick danced at the pageant. I have waited 20yrs to see my boy participate in the pageant but I did not get to see him. He was not prepared to dance but I understand he did a great job according to some people that was there. How this come about is as follows: He went to the pageant with one of his friends to see his friends girlfriend dance. He was dressed as always with jeans, the sleeves cut out of a t-shirt with boots. He was not at all dressed for the occasion but his friends girl choose Slick because the one that was suppose to be picked did not show up. Slick was not going to let a friend be humiliated by not having a partner. He did just what any SOUTHERN MAN would do. He got up and dance with her and had a great time doing it. His grandmother and I are so proud of him because he did not let that young lady down. I hope someone got a picture of him and will send it to me. Things do not always work out just as they are suppose to so don't stress the small stuff.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Be Good

I went to the Board of Supervisors meeting today. It has been so long since I had been. The last thing my hubsand said was "Be good and do not say anything". I said ok. Well he knows I can not just go and say nothing. But he was not there!lol When the subject of the county changing insurance carriers I could not be quiet. Why is the county changing insurance carriers when BCBS is doing a great job? The past few times the county change insurance we where notified after the fact. I would go to the doctor & give my ins. card then six months later find out a doctor bill was not paid because we where not covered at that time by that provider. By the time everything is figured out what had happened it was too late. We would have to pay the bill ourselves. I have heard of this happening to others too. Do you see why I could not just be quiet. I was nice I just ask some questions. Like why are we having open enrollment and the county is bidding for insurance? The Board of Supervisors said they were unaware of that. I explained that was one of the reasons I was in town. The other reason was to give the Board the numbers on the convention. So they would know what my family has been able to do in 5yrs. I invited all the Board members to come to the convention but I did for-warn them there is alot of estrogne in the convention center the weekend of July 23-25, 2009. LOL! My husband just called and said he heard I did NOT do what he said about being good and quiet. What can I say, I am just PAM!

Housewife/Daughter/In-Law/Promoter of Scrap~N

Everyone thinks being a housewife is easy, boy how wrong are they. Just because I do not get up, go out to a job does not mean I do not work. I work, I just do not get a pay check. Scrap~N~on the River is a big job but I am ONCALL 24/7 for hubby, son, mother & dad, in-laws and anyone else who might need something. I do not know how I ever worked 40 hours a week and do what I do now! Maybe that is why so many marriages fell. I do know that I have to read the love chapter in the Bible regularly to remind me that this is what I am required to do. God 1st, Family 2nd then everyone after that. I can tell when I am frazzled. I wish I could find my Beth Moore book Searching for Significance. It is the best Bible study and the other book I like is The Frazzled Female. The Frazzled Female is where I learned about a "prayer box". I made my first "pray box" about 6yrs ago. What you do is take a box, decorate it to your liking, cut a small hole in it, and then put it somewhere you have to look at it daily. And when you pray for something, write it down, put in the prayer box. We as humans are bad about getting on our knees, praying for something then getting up and try to help God out. There is something about writing it down and putting it in that box and NOT being able to get the paper out of the box. I guess it is a "mental thing". "GOD does NOT need any help!!!! My faith is strong in God! My prayer box is full. I am having to make me another one.

MaeceeBug came over and help me this weekend. To be 10yrs old she is so smart. She helped me setup the sreedsheet for the convention. She is also answering emails for Scrap~N~on the River. If you get an email from and the spelling is off alittle just remember she is only 10yrs old and she is trying to help her aunt Pam. All she wants this year is a shirt that say STAFF on it.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Busy Life

I am sitting her blogging, matching tv, and listening to hubby and son snore. I thank God daily for giving me such a wonderful hubby and son. My baby boy(19yrs old) is home from college for the weekend. He comes in drops clothes at the door to be washed and gives me his shopping list for next week then he goes beaver hunting with friends. Can you tell he is a little spoiled? That is OK. I did it and enjoy every minute I have with him. Slick is the sweetest young man with a big heart.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back to Work I go

It is 5:00a.m. on hump day and I am already working. Everyone thinks being a housewife is easy even working from home. The problem comes in when your mother calls crying because your dad is being sent to Jackson MS to UMC and she is scared and dont know what is going on. Well, I call my husband and tell him I have to go with momma. Then I tell my son he will have to wash is on clothes for college because Nanee needs me. I spent three days in Jackson asking questions of the doctors. Momma does not ask questions. She just goes with the flow while the doctors are in the room then she calls me wanting to know what is going on. Momma is so worn out. Her doctor has told her if she does not slow down he will put her in the hospital. I told momma if she does not slow down we will be putting her in the ground. Momma promised me she will come out to my house this week and help me with the convention. When she shows up I will make her lay down and take a nap or just lay down and talk to me while I do computer work.

Momma, Karianna and Me at Slicks senior night in 2008.
Karianna is designing one of the t-shirt for Scrap~N~on the River. She want tell me what is going to do, she said she wants to surprise me. Karianna is going to make me a great-aunt in Sept. We are so excited! She will big showing real good at the convention. I am sure everything baby will be purchased by Kari's momma, Nanee/momma, and Aunt Pam.

It is confirmed, Lisa Bearnson will be at Scrap~N~on the River in July 2009. I am so BLESSED to have Lisa coming to Natchez. I look forward to being able to show her around Natchez after the convention. I know she will be ready to go home but I want to show her some of my favorite places, like Staton Hall, Longwood, Mammies, etc. For all of you that do not know who Lisa Bearnson is, she is the co-founder of Creating Keepsake. Lisa will be signing her books so anyone wanting a book can go to her website
Be sure and register for the convention and make hotel reservation as soon as possible.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

On the Road Again

Well, the day started off yesterday with momma calling saying pawpaw was at the ER. He was dehydrated and not sure why. Momma said not to come because a had a bad head cold. I called and stayed in touch. Then around 5p.m. momma called crying saying they were taking pawpaw to Jackson to have surgery. I went to throwing clothes in a suitcase and told her to come get me I was going. Life is funny in a way. When momma calls and she is crying everything else gets put on the back burner. As of now we are waiting to see if pawpaw is going to have surgery Monday morning. Please pray for our family.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Full Day of Work Planned

My mind is running 90 miles an hour. God is blessing my family over and over. I have to go sign for our taxes than file for Slicks pal grant for school. I also am trying to get the website updated. There is so much info I need to post. The steak dinners have to be added to day. Momma is coming out so we can count the number of scrapbookers. We can only take 300 scrapbookers. I have my Blackberry fixed to get all my emails. The ring tone is a voice that says "I'm stuck in your pocket". I can only laugh when I hear this. Laughter is good for the soul. Always lauch it is better than crying. God has a raisen for everything. I guess I better get busy with lunch and everything else.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

God Answers Prayers

I am known for talking and asking questions. Well, it worked! I contacted Lisa Bearnson and asker her if she would like to come to Natchez, MS. for Scrap~N~on the River. Lisa said YES, she will be at Scrap~N~on the River. If you do not know who she is check out Lisa's website God has just blessed us because we have keep the faith through ALL the storms.

Busy Day Ahead

My dad is having another surgery today in Jackson, MS. I can not be there because I have to meet with insurance company for my parents. Four and half months ago hurrican Gustav hit the coast. I am not sure how high the winds got but one of my parents peacan tree limb broke off and went through the roof. Thank God they were at my sisters house. The limb did not go all the way through. It just broke through the tin. It rained and went down the walls. The walls are just cumbling and the BLACK MOLD is everywhere. This happened Sept. 2, 2008 than on Oct. 8, 2008 our dad was in a school bus wreck. He was air lifted to Jackson, MS. to UMC. He has had 22 pints of blood and a number of surgeries with more to come. Once we found the BLACK MOLD we insisted that momma could not stay there anymore. So she would stay with each one of us a few days each until we could figure out what we needed to do. As time went on momma was becomming very depressed. We have been working on all of this for weeks. Momma just needed a place to sleep and call her own. She is renting an apartment from my sister, but there needs to be some alterations made so our dad can come home and visit. He is in a Rehab at this time. We are trying to go through the proper channels, for instance, State Farm to FEMA to SBA back to FEMA back to SBA. I can see why people just give up. It is so much RED TAPE. Please pray for me as I go and meet with each of these people today. Pictures will be posted later today.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Happy Valentines

Well it is Sunday morning and I have lunch going, clothes washing, and sitting here blogging. This past week has been a tough week but God saw me though it. I woke up Valentines morning and walked into the kitchez for my coffee and to my surprize there was a valentine from my husband. That was the sweetest thing but I had nothing for him because I had not went to town. He got me a basket of Mary Kay makeup that was on my wish list. I loved my Valentine.

It was a rainy day so we just watched movies and we cooked steaks for supper. My day was great!! After 21years of marriage I did not have to remind him. I pray SlickARoo will have a life that loves him as much as I love his dad. I think that was the Best feeling. I am steadily working on Scrap~N~on the River and he understands. After I get our taxes done Tue. and file for my sons pal grant for school I will be working on Scrap~N~on the River non stop.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Update on the Jerry Roberts Scholarship

Doug Logan was the first person to receive the Jerry Roberts Scholarship. We as a family are so proud of Doug. We have just found out that Doug made the football team at Southern University. I know Jerry is dancing and singing as he would when he would get excited. When we found out that Doug had made the team we all teared up and laughed at the same time. We look forward to awarding this years scholarship. The next couple of months we will be preparing for Scrap~N~on the River. This year in order to raise money for the scholarship we are going to have steak dinners on July 25, 2009. The dinners will be $20.00 each. The dinner will consist of a ribeye with bake potato and salad. We will also be celebrating 5years of Scrap~N~on the River. We will have a birthday/pajama part with cake, punch and ice cream. The cake will look like a scrapbook.

Pictured is Slick Frank, Graham Roberts, Momma Sue, Doug Logan, Ms. Logan/Doug's mother, Deanie Roberts, Maecee Thornton, Pam Frank

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Cycle of Parents & Children

Parents have children and do their best to raise them with love, compasion, morals and everything else that their parents had passed on to them. You give them everything they need and most of what they want. The child graduates from highschool goes off to college coming home on the weekend to wash their clothes, buy their groceries etc. for them to return to school. The parents whole meaning is to try to make it easier on their children. Parents buy land, house, guns, diamonds and everything else to leave it for their children. If the Lord is willing, the children will marry and move close to the parents. This is what I am looking forward to so I can be close to child and hopefully my grandchildren.

I hope my son will move back to Natchez and marry a girl that loves him as much as I love his dad. We have one son, Slick and live next door to my husbands parents. My father-in-law has had alot of problems. In 1999, he had surgery on his foot and developed MRSA. He lost is leg and had to take IV antibiotics 2 to 3 times a day for 6months. I would have to get up at 5a.m. take the medicine out of the refridgerater so it could get room temp then go back at 6a.m. to start the IV. This was done for 6months one time and 3months two other times. Now my mother-in-law is sick and has to be cared for. At the same time my dad is in a SNF hospital after having a bus wreck. Being the oldest child comes responsablity like the one my mom looks to for help. After my dads wreck I stayed with momma at the hospital in Jackson MS. for 3weeks until I felt they where okay by themselves. On Oct. 14, 2009 my laptop was stolen from UMC waiting room but that was not as important as mom and dad being ok. Here it is Janurary 2009 and now it is my mother-in-laws turn again. This is why I am Blogging about the cycle of parents & children.

I pray daily for my son and that he will be successful. Having only one son is scary because who will take care of us when we are old. Parents do not want to be a burden but this is part of the cycle of parents & children.
Parents have children

Parents become grandparents

Grandparents help their children/parents

Children become parents

Children help their parents

And thus the cycle starts over again

The Cycle of Parents &

I did it!

Thank you Jaci. It works! I think I am getting the hang of it. Now I have to figure out how to get it on my website. If we, Natchez, can network together with all of our websites than it will show how united we are in promoting Natchez. I know there are so many people that have moved away but still follow what is happening in Natchez. My goal is to help promote Natchez so my son will be able to come home, work and raise a family in Natchez. That way I can be apart of my grandchildrens life. Buddy and I are vested in Natchez and have worked hard to have land to pass on to Slick. The house we live in was built by Buddy's grandfather, Slick Sr. What alot of people don't realize is the lumber used to build our house came out of the antibellum home Dunlieth Plantation out Hwy 84.

Applying what I learned

My baby boy MC'ing the 2008 Scrap~N~on the River. He was explaining how to vote for scrapbook queen when the ladies suggested to Slick to wear the queens crown for candy.

My brain was in overload at the end of the social media class yesterday. Jaci Rucco was the teacher and she is GREAT! Jaci made the class fun and easy. It seems hard but it realy is not. I cant wait to see if it works as far as getting the information out about Scrap~N~on the River. We have a theme of "Follow Me to Natchez because Scrap~N~on the River Girls Just Wanta have FUN!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

You are never to old to learn

I have been researching what a Blog is and how to do it. I want to do my best at what ever I do.