Saturday, October 3, 2009

Busy Day Ahead

I am up early because I have alot to do today. First start washing Slicks clothes, cook lunch, clean kitchen, work on Scrap~N~on the River website and cut the grass. Buddy and Slick say I only like cutting the grass on the zero turn so I can play. That is partly true the other is I get a tan by the time I cut 5 acers. Oh, I forgot I have to go take pictures of the 5lots and floating house with a extra long boat ramp on Old River so we post them for sale. I just thank God for the strength to get it ALL done.:) The house belongs to my in-laws and they are not able to keep it up anymore. During fishing season when they where able to live there, they would make money. They have a box at the boat ramp if you wanted to launch at Fair View for $3.00 and you could park your truck on the lots. My father in-law is in a wheel chair and mother in-laws health has declined. I love them both so much. My mother in-law was/is my BFF. It just hurts to see how someone you love so much has problems remembering things. My father in-law & I have a true father daughter relationship. They are on a fixed income and their medications are very expensive. This is another reason we need to sale Fair View boat landing. Anyone interested please email me at Please pray for us.

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