Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back to Work I go

It is 5:00a.m. on hump day and I am already working. Everyone thinks being a housewife is easy even working from home. The problem comes in when your mother calls crying because your dad is being sent to Jackson MS to UMC and she is scared and dont know what is going on. Well, I call my husband and tell him I have to go with momma. Then I tell my son he will have to wash is on clothes for college because Nanee needs me. I spent three days in Jackson asking questions of the doctors. Momma does not ask questions. She just goes with the flow while the doctors are in the room then she calls me wanting to know what is going on. Momma is so worn out. Her doctor has told her if she does not slow down he will put her in the hospital. I told momma if she does not slow down we will be putting her in the ground. Momma promised me she will come out to my house this week and help me with the convention. When she shows up I will make her lay down and take a nap or just lay down and talk to me while I do computer work.

Momma, Karianna and Me at Slicks senior night in 2008.
Karianna is designing one of the t-shirt for Scrap~N~on the River. She want tell me what is going to do, she said she wants to surprise me. Karianna is going to make me a great-aunt in Sept. We are so excited! She will big showing real good at the convention. I am sure everything baby will be purchased by Kari's momma, Nanee/momma, and Aunt Pam.

It is confirmed, Lisa Bearnson will be at Scrap~N~on the River in July 2009. I am so BLESSED to have Lisa coming to Natchez. I look forward to being able to show her around Natchez after the convention. I know she will be ready to go home but I want to show her some of my favorite places, like Staton Hall, Longwood, Mammies, etc. For all of you that do not know who Lisa Bearnson is, she is the co-founder of Creating Keepsake. Lisa will be signing her books so anyone wanting a book can go to her website
Be sure and register for the convention and make hotel reservation as soon as possible.

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  1. Pam,just checked in to see what was going on. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope things are getting better. Tell momma that Sugah said to take it easy and get some rest. I want her to be at the convention with bells on. I will keep you and the family in my daily prayers. Can't wait until the convention. Excited to have Lisa with us this year. Take Care. Sugah