Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Happy Valentines

Well it is Sunday morning and I have lunch going, clothes washing, and sitting here blogging. This past week has been a tough week but God saw me though it. I woke up Valentines morning and walked into the kitchez for my coffee and to my surprize there was a valentine from my husband. That was the sweetest thing but I had nothing for him because I had not went to town. He got me a basket of Mary Kay makeup that was on my wish list. I loved my Valentine.

It was a rainy day so we just watched movies and we cooked steaks for supper. My day was great!! After 21years of marriage I did not have to remind him. I pray SlickARoo will have a life that loves him as much as I love his dad. I think that was the Best feeling. I am steadily working on Scrap~N~on the River and he understands. After I get our taxes done Tue. and file for my sons pal grant for school I will be working on Scrap~N~on the River non stop.

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  1. Pam it was great talking to you this morning.
    I've been reading your blog.I love it. Sounds like your honey loves you very much.I'll be checking your blog out from time to time to see what is going on with you.I have a blog and you well have to go and check it out when you have a min.
    I've posted about Scrap-N-on the River today. I also sent out e-amils and posted on my facebook.