Saturday, June 27, 2009


It was so HOT last night. Maecee Bug had a softball game last night at 8pm and it felt like it was 12noon. Cindy called and sent out a text inviting all of us to come watch her play ball. Bug was so shocked to see all of us come watch her. She said "No pressure MeMee". We said just do your best and she did. She got up to bat and made a double. She is the pictcher and done a great job! We are so proud of her. After the game she came to each one of us and thanked us for coming. I love seeing my nieces and nephews together. Slick and I , Graham & Rivers with our new great neice puppy, Karianna was there with Cullen. She said Cullen is a night person because everytime she lays down to go to sleep Cullen wakes up and jumps in her belly all night. We said it is just begining.LOL Family is so important. We might not always get alone but we are FAMILY! Life is to short so be sure to put God first, Family next than everythingelse will fall into place.

Last Sat. my sister Cindy married her best friend. I thank her and Nick for taken care of momma and pawpaw.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can Not Sleep!

I hate when I can not sleep because by the end of the day I will be draging. I have taken advantage of it. Ihave been working on Scrap~N~on the River. I have set up emails for 2009 scrapbookers, Blog and tweet.LOL I am in Hattiesburg, MS for a training for the Red Cross. I was excited about the training until I spoke with my regionial boss. She informed me she wanted to move forward on hiring someone to take over the Adams County Red Cross. I have tried to do the best job to promote the annual board meeting and it worked we had around 50 people show up for the meeting with a number of elected officials. I would like to THANK everyone that attended the meeting. It is greatly appreciated. You can read the following articals & I am on call 24.7 and do not mind at all. I am trying to show the Red Cross is here ALL the time and not just during a hurricane. Just this weekend I spent about 3hours working with a family on a military call The family has 3 family members in the military and needs to notify them and get them home. This is where the military will on use the Red Cross to do this. The Red Cross and the military communicate to try and help families get notified. Remember MASH on TV how there seem to be a message coming in from the Red Cross all the time. Well, we still do that. I do not just stop there I call and checking on the family afterwards. My hope and prayer is to get more volunteers trained to do military calls, disaster assessments, casework etc. At this time we do not have alot of volunteers but once I can get trained to teach maybe we build our chapter. The Adams County Chapter had a very nice praise. It was said that when a hurricane happens Natchez has volunteers coming together like no other. That goes to show Natchez is a loving, caring community with hospitality. At this time we service 4 counties Adams, Amite, Jefferson, & Wilkinson. Because Vidalia does not have a Red Cross in Vidalia, if I get a military call from someone in Concordia Parish I try to help them. In my mind there is NO boundaries when it comes to helping someone. Thank you for your support that is how we are able to continue helping.