Saturday, July 11, 2009

Count Down To Scrap~N~on the River

Hellooo Girls,

To start off with if you get this message more than once, I am sorry. I am trying to get it set up some I can let all know what is going on. We have had an answer to prayer. We have opened up to ladies to be able to come just for the day at $50.00per day and yes you CAN take Lisa's classes. We now have the whole Convention Center this is why we can open up to 1 dayers. Momma and I realize life happens and not everyone can attend for 3 days that is why I work so hard to get more space. And just this past week I got the okay. SO COME ON AND REGISTER GIRLS! i WANT to make sure I have enough goody bags, door prizes etc. Momma, MaeceeBug, & I would love to see ya'll. As most know Lisa Bearnson will be at Scrap~N~on the River this year and will be teaching 2 classes. The first is CKU in a Box and the other is Pocket full of Cards. If you have not signed up for Lisa's CKU class you will need to do so by Monday July 13 by 10.00am so she can have them sent to me.

Title: Pocket Full of Cards
Cost: $15.00
Availability: 75
Pockets are a wonderful thing and not just in paper crafting. Look around you at all the pockets you use or see. There are pockets for displaying things (a silk handkerchief in a man's suit), those that hold things (pant's pockets or wallet), ones for organizing (in a purse or briefcase), a few to hide things in (a child's pockets), others to catch things (pockets on a pool table or baseball glove) and a place or position (football quarterbacks stand in the pocket or in a bowling, the space between the head pin and the next pin behind). You can be in a pocket, put things in a pocket, line one's pockets, or be out of pocket. So how does this related to paper crafting? In much the same ways it does in every day life. Here are a few examples: Use a pocket to hold an item such as a gift card, tag, or note. Use a pocket as an accent or to display something. Hide part of the card in a pocket; show part of the hidden item. Use multiple pockets to sort several things. Place a pocket on a tag, bag or box. In this class, you will learn new techniques for making pockets which can be applied to scrapbook pages or cards. You will receive all the supplies to complete three cards during
the class.
Title: CKU in a Box
Cost: $40.00
Availability: As many as sign up
Description: CKU in a Box brings the acclaimed Creating Keepsakes University program right to you. Complete three unique projects designed by Lisa Bearnson, Tracy White and Becky Higgins.
Kit includes:
• Tracy’s journaling class. Complete a 9x9 journal album.
• Lisa’s album class called "10 Things that Define You." Complete a 9x12 D-ring
• Becky card class. Complete 6 beautiful cards.
All projects come with everything you need to complete the project. Just add your words and photos! With over a 1,000 pieces and a 90 minute instructional DVD this kit is just like being at the event!

Anna Bess Simmons will be teaching 2 classes and they are darlin.
The first project is a HOME banner. Using lots of the newest papers and embellishments, you will learn and apply tons of techniques and have a precious project for yourself or for a gift! Sponsored by Anthologies

Be Free- This is an altered piece of roofing aluminum. You can place it on a stand or hang it. This project uses lots of different techniques and textures and helps you to learn to think outside of the box!

There is so much she can not get it on the plane. Lisa will also be signing autographs and speaking at the pajama party "Finding Joy in the Jouney". We will have a Birthday Cake to celebrate 5yrs. Check them out on the website. Saturday night for the pajama party is when will hav the Jerry D. Roberts Memorial Scholarship Steak Dinner Benefit. The tickets are $20.00 each. You have until July 15,2009 to order. I have to order the steaks from the meat market.

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  1. This just gets better every year. You have done a wonderful job...keep it up. Thanks for 5 great years.