Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy Day Ahead

My dad is having another surgery today in Jackson, MS. I can not be there because I have to meet with insurance company for my parents. Four and half months ago hurrican Gustav hit the coast. I am not sure how high the winds got but one of my parents peacan tree limb broke off and went through the roof. Thank God they were at my sisters house. The limb did not go all the way through. It just broke through the tin. It rained and went down the walls. The walls are just cumbling and the BLACK MOLD is everywhere. This happened Sept. 2, 2008 than on Oct. 8, 2008 our dad was in a school bus wreck. He was air lifted to Jackson, MS. to UMC. He has had 22 pints of blood and a number of surgeries with more to come. Once we found the BLACK MOLD we insisted that momma could not stay there anymore. So she would stay with each one of us a few days each until we could figure out what we needed to do. As time went on momma was becomming very depressed. We have been working on all of this for weeks. Momma just needed a place to sleep and call her own. She is renting an apartment from my sister, but there needs to be some alterations made so our dad can come home and visit. He is in a Rehab at this time. We are trying to go through the proper channels, for instance, State Farm to FEMA to SBA back to FEMA back to SBA. I can see why people just give up. It is so much RED TAPE. Please pray for me as I go and meet with each of these people today. Pictures will be posted later today.

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