Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's ME!

It's about time I get to Blog. I had 2 computers crash. First is was Buddy's laptop and than my laptop. Buddy blamed Slick and I for the crash because "all we do is go one facebook". I did not disagree because he thinks he is always right! LOL Well he said he wanted to use my NEW laptop so he could check his email and read the Natchez Democrat. That is all Buddy does with his laptop. I got my laptop and let him read the paper online. During the few days he had total control of my laptop, because he is not very compute smart. After a few days Buddy wakes me up and says something is wrong with my computer. After checking it out I figured it out. There was a number of viruses that invaded the laptops through the Natchez Democrat. I was so happy to tell him the computers crashing was not because of Slick and I but HIM. That was so "SWEET". You ladies know what I mean.LOL It take all day to fix both computer. Buddy is not allowed to use my laptop anymore to go on the Natchez Democrat or watch those emails that his friends forward him. I was able to fix his laptop with out wiping out it completely. Mine on the other hand, I had to wipe out my laptop back to the factory settings. Thank God I had emailed most of my info to myself.