Saturday, May 1, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride

It has been a crazy 2months. I have been careing for my In-Laws. We have made atleast one or two trips to Jackson, MS for the last 2months. Each time we went it would be a all day event. I made my last trip with both of MY In-Laws on Mon. April 20, 2010. That day was the best and worse trip of my life. Popa(father-in-law) had a test at one doctor and Granny(mother-in-law)on the otherside of town at a doctors office. While waiting on Popa a was trying to figure out all the gadgets on Grannys new van. I was able to set up the phones through the radio. EVERY CAR NEEDS THIS!
After getting Popa in the van and going to pick Granny up we went to BackYard Burgers to get lunch and head home. We were trying to get home to work in our garden again. I had the van set on 80mph and Popa was saying he is going to tell Buddy on me. We were laughing so hard. About Hazlehuste exit Buddy called to check on us. When I hung up the phone I heard a noise that I thought was Popa snoring. It was NOT.
My Popa had a Vtac and went into cardiac arrest. Granny dailed 911 as I was pulling over and than stared CPR. The 911 operater was taking to us though the radio. When the first responder got to us said we needing to get Popa out of the van. I am not sure how I did it but I did. We were able to get a 210lb. one legged man out of the van. God was in control! I followed the ambulance to Hazlehuste hospital and Popa was air lifted to UMC. I put Granny in the van and we headed to UMC. We beat the helicopter to UMC. We had the best nurse & doctors working on Popa. Kristi Wilson from Natchez was his nurse and it was pleasing to have a friend taking care of Popa.
I believe God needed Popa but he let his body stay with us for 5 days so we could except that God needed Popa. Popa left us on Fri. at 3PM. He is no longer in pain and he has both his legs. Thank all of you that came by, called, and sent food. Popa always joked he would have to pay people to come to his funral. There was so many people and Firemen and Sheriff deputys.
My Popa is/was one of my best friends. Popa has tought me so much. Just Sun. April 19we were in the garden planting just the right amount of cow poop, worm dirt, 13-13-13and etc.
This is a picture to be treasured for all times!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Can't Sleep

It seems like forever since I have Blogged. I guess because I have not Blogged since Oct. 2,2009. I have become a full time caregiver to my in-laws. My husband took his dad to Troy, AL on a disabliity hunt. They seem to be having a blast. Buddy is getting a taste of what I deal with daily. They are the reason I am awake because they called me a 1a.m. They had to ask me if Popa was suppose to take his night meds or morning meds. Now here I am and can not sleep and they are enjoying their sleep.

I have been so busy with the holidays and now I am working on taxes. I hope to work today on my website. I have just been notified that my identity has been compermized. So anyone wanting to sign up for Scrap~N~on the River you will need to print the reg. page and send it though the snail mail.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Busy Day Ahead

I am up early because I have alot to do today. First start washing Slicks clothes, cook lunch, clean kitchen, work on Scrap~N~on the River website and cut the grass. Buddy and Slick say I only like cutting the grass on the zero turn so I can play. That is partly true the other is I get a tan by the time I cut 5 acers. Oh, I forgot I have to go take pictures of the 5lots and floating house with a extra long boat ramp on Old River so we post them for sale. I just thank God for the strength to get it ALL done.:) The house belongs to my in-laws and they are not able to keep it up anymore. During fishing season when they where able to live there, they would make money. They have a box at the boat ramp if you wanted to launch at Fair View for $3.00 and you could park your truck on the lots. My father in-law is in a wheel chair and mother in-laws health has declined. I love them both so much. My mother in-law was/is my BFF. It just hurts to see how someone you love so much has problems remembering things. My father in-law & I have a true father daughter relationship. They are on a fixed income and their medications are very expensive. This is another reason we need to sale Fair View boat landing. Anyone interested please email me at Please pray for us.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's ME!

It's about time I get to Blog. I had 2 computers crash. First is was Buddy's laptop and than my laptop. Buddy blamed Slick and I for the crash because "all we do is go one facebook". I did not disagree because he thinks he is always right! LOL Well he said he wanted to use my NEW laptop so he could check his email and read the Natchez Democrat. That is all Buddy does with his laptop. I got my laptop and let him read the paper online. During the few days he had total control of my laptop, because he is not very compute smart. After a few days Buddy wakes me up and says something is wrong with my computer. After checking it out I figured it out. There was a number of viruses that invaded the laptops through the Natchez Democrat. I was so happy to tell him the computers crashing was not because of Slick and I but HIM. That was so "SWEET". You ladies know what I mean.LOL It take all day to fix both computer. Buddy is not allowed to use my laptop anymore to go on the Natchez Democrat or watch those emails that his friends forward him. I was able to fix his laptop with out wiping out it completely. Mine on the other hand, I had to wipe out my laptop back to the factory settings. Thank God I had emailed most of my info to myself.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Scrap~N~on the River was AMAZING! Lisa Bearnson coming to Natchez, MS for Scrap~N~on the River after having a wreck goes to show what a wonderful person she is. Lisa and Breaken had a terriable wreck Thank God they are ok. We tried to show them what true southern hospitality is all about. My prayer is that Lisa will come back next year and bring her whole family. I feel Lisa and I are alot alike. We both have strong faith, family, scrapbooking and friends. Lisa has the sweetest personality.

Brecken, Annette, Lisa, Pam & Momma

Slick & Lisa

The cake we had to celebrate was AMAZING!

Linda McClure from Vidalia, LA made the cake using the cricut to decorate cake. Notice the scrapbook paper on the table. Mrs. McClure made the cake look like the paper. Cool! I wish we could show people there is so much more to learning basic math, english, history, science. We can make learning fun. Mrs. McClure was a school teacher and now she makes cakes and has fun doing it. I did not think I would ever need all the above subjects but I use them daily in scrapbooking. I have just learned a creative way to use them and remember them. There is a creative way to get students attention. Slick took ceramics at Co-Lin to get his GPA up. It worked but whats more important is he learned something new. Now he is taken ceramics II. He sold his ceramics at Scrap~N~on the River.

Slick tries so hard to help the young girls that come to the convention with their mothers to feel good. He says he knows what it felt like at the DU banquet as a child and he did not win anything. He tries to make sure that does not happen at Scrap~N~on the River.

All the Scrap~N~on the River QUEENS!
More to come. We are planning for the 2010 convention. It will be
July 22, 23&24,2010.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Count Down

Momma, Maecee Bug, and I are working hard to get everything finalized. This time next Sunday I know I will be sound asleep. If my Boys want Sunday dinner next week they will cook it or go to LaFiesta. LOL! I talk tuff but last year I got up and cooked a large Sunday dinner. Than I went back to bed. Momma went to bed for 2 days and Bug being young was up and ready to play.

I can not wait for everone to see the cups we got for the drinks this year. They are pink and when you put ice in them they change colors. The T-shirts are so cute. Everyone that signed up before Feb. 28,2009 will get a orange T-shirt. We have ocean blue T-shirts to sell for $15.00 each. We will be selling raffle tickets for a MINI LAPTOP COMPUTER for $5.00 each. Who ever wins it will be able to carry it with them next year to the 2010 Scrap~N~on the River and connect it to their Cricut. Whahoooo!!!

If you have not signed up for the steak dinner please do so ASAP. We can not wait to see all of YA"LL! I Thank God for my family and all of my friends. I Thank God for the strenth to do Scrap~N~on the River!