Thursday, March 26, 2009

God is in Controll

In the past month we have seen life long friends on a regular basis at the furnral homes. When I say life long friends, it is friends we do not see on a weekly or monthly basis. God knows what He is doing. Just last week I had to call momma and tell her my cuzin had taken a turn for the worst. His blood pressure was 55/28. Momma said God can interveen. I agreed but I had to be blunt with her and explain he was dieing. Mike was 41yrs old and has been fighting cancer for 3yrs. God was in controll and gave the family time to say goodby.

Mike is no longer hurting! Thank you God. God will be with the family and as long as they turn to God. It is All about FAITH!

We got good news about my dad Tue. The doctors are saying he might get to go home from the nursing home next month. Momma is so happy to think pawpaw will be home with her on a daily basis.

God has truely blessed Scrap~N~on the River by Lisa Bearnson attending the convention this year. The people signing up is just overwhelming. Maecee and I was on KNOE TV in Monroe LA. Tue. morning. You can see the segment at We have so many new people signing up. I am hoping everyone decorates their tables so we can show Lisa Scrap~N~on the River Girls just Wanta have FUN!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boy Whata Day

We got up early this morning to bad news. I friends husband was found dead early this morning. Who just happens to be my husbands boss. Everyone in our county can not believe this. I just have to say it is all in God's hands. Please pray for our community.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Proud Mother of a Southren Man

I just found out Slick danced at the pageant. I have waited 20yrs to see my boy participate in the pageant but I did not get to see him. He was not prepared to dance but I understand he did a great job according to some people that was there. How this come about is as follows: He went to the pageant with one of his friends to see his friends girlfriend dance. He was dressed as always with jeans, the sleeves cut out of a t-shirt with boots. He was not at all dressed for the occasion but his friends girl choose Slick because the one that was suppose to be picked did not show up. Slick was not going to let a friend be humiliated by not having a partner. He did just what any SOUTHERN MAN would do. He got up and dance with her and had a great time doing it. His grandmother and I are so proud of him because he did not let that young lady down. I hope someone got a picture of him and will send it to me. Things do not always work out just as they are suppose to so don't stress the small stuff.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Be Good

I went to the Board of Supervisors meeting today. It has been so long since I had been. The last thing my hubsand said was "Be good and do not say anything". I said ok. Well he knows I can not just go and say nothing. But he was not there!lol When the subject of the county changing insurance carriers I could not be quiet. Why is the county changing insurance carriers when BCBS is doing a great job? The past few times the county change insurance we where notified after the fact. I would go to the doctor & give my ins. card then six months later find out a doctor bill was not paid because we where not covered at that time by that provider. By the time everything is figured out what had happened it was too late. We would have to pay the bill ourselves. I have heard of this happening to others too. Do you see why I could not just be quiet. I was nice I just ask some questions. Like why are we having open enrollment and the county is bidding for insurance? The Board of Supervisors said they were unaware of that. I explained that was one of the reasons I was in town. The other reason was to give the Board the numbers on the convention. So they would know what my family has been able to do in 5yrs. I invited all the Board members to come to the convention but I did for-warn them there is alot of estrogne in the convention center the weekend of July 23-25, 2009. LOL! My husband just called and said he heard I did NOT do what he said about being good and quiet. What can I say, I am just PAM!

Housewife/Daughter/In-Law/Promoter of Scrap~N

Everyone thinks being a housewife is easy, boy how wrong are they. Just because I do not get up, go out to a job does not mean I do not work. I work, I just do not get a pay check. Scrap~N~on the River is a big job but I am ONCALL 24/7 for hubby, son, mother & dad, in-laws and anyone else who might need something. I do not know how I ever worked 40 hours a week and do what I do now! Maybe that is why so many marriages fell. I do know that I have to read the love chapter in the Bible regularly to remind me that this is what I am required to do. God 1st, Family 2nd then everyone after that. I can tell when I am frazzled. I wish I could find my Beth Moore book Searching for Significance. It is the best Bible study and the other book I like is The Frazzled Female. The Frazzled Female is where I learned about a "prayer box". I made my first "pray box" about 6yrs ago. What you do is take a box, decorate it to your liking, cut a small hole in it, and then put it somewhere you have to look at it daily. And when you pray for something, write it down, put in the prayer box. We as humans are bad about getting on our knees, praying for something then getting up and try to help God out. There is something about writing it down and putting it in that box and NOT being able to get the paper out of the box. I guess it is a "mental thing". "GOD does NOT need any help!!!! My faith is strong in God! My prayer box is full. I am having to make me another one.

MaeceeBug came over and help me this weekend. To be 10yrs old she is so smart. She helped me setup the sreedsheet for the convention. She is also answering emails for Scrap~N~on the River. If you get an email from and the spelling is off alittle just remember she is only 10yrs old and she is trying to help her aunt Pam. All she wants this year is a shirt that say STAFF on it.