Sunday, July 19, 2009

Count Down

Momma, Maecee Bug, and I are working hard to get everything finalized. This time next Sunday I know I will be sound asleep. If my Boys want Sunday dinner next week they will cook it or go to LaFiesta. LOL! I talk tuff but last year I got up and cooked a large Sunday dinner. Than I went back to bed. Momma went to bed for 2 days and Bug being young was up and ready to play.

I can not wait for everone to see the cups we got for the drinks this year. They are pink and when you put ice in them they change colors. The T-shirts are so cute. Everyone that signed up before Feb. 28,2009 will get a orange T-shirt. We have ocean blue T-shirts to sell for $15.00 each. We will be selling raffle tickets for a MINI LAPTOP COMPUTER for $5.00 each. Who ever wins it will be able to carry it with them next year to the 2010 Scrap~N~on the River and connect it to their Cricut. Whahoooo!!!

If you have not signed up for the steak dinner please do so ASAP. We can not wait to see all of YA"LL! I Thank God for my family and all of my friends. I Thank God for the strenth to do Scrap~N~on the River!

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