Saturday, May 1, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride

It has been a crazy 2months. I have been careing for my In-Laws. We have made atleast one or two trips to Jackson, MS for the last 2months. Each time we went it would be a all day event. I made my last trip with both of MY In-Laws on Mon. April 20, 2010. That day was the best and worse trip of my life. Popa(father-in-law) had a test at one doctor and Granny(mother-in-law)on the otherside of town at a doctors office. While waiting on Popa a was trying to figure out all the gadgets on Grannys new van. I was able to set up the phones through the radio. EVERY CAR NEEDS THIS!
After getting Popa in the van and going to pick Granny up we went to BackYard Burgers to get lunch and head home. We were trying to get home to work in our garden again. I had the van set on 80mph and Popa was saying he is going to tell Buddy on me. We were laughing so hard. About Hazlehuste exit Buddy called to check on us. When I hung up the phone I heard a noise that I thought was Popa snoring. It was NOT.
My Popa had a Vtac and went into cardiac arrest. Granny dailed 911 as I was pulling over and than stared CPR. The 911 operater was taking to us though the radio. When the first responder got to us said we needing to get Popa out of the van. I am not sure how I did it but I did. We were able to get a 210lb. one legged man out of the van. God was in control! I followed the ambulance to Hazlehuste hospital and Popa was air lifted to UMC. I put Granny in the van and we headed to UMC. We beat the helicopter to UMC. We had the best nurse & doctors working on Popa. Kristi Wilson from Natchez was his nurse and it was pleasing to have a friend taking care of Popa.
I believe God needed Popa but he let his body stay with us for 5 days so we could except that God needed Popa. Popa left us on Fri. at 3PM. He is no longer in pain and he has both his legs. Thank all of you that came by, called, and sent food. Popa always joked he would have to pay people to come to his funral. There was so many people and Firemen and Sheriff deputys.
My Popa is/was one of my best friends. Popa has tought me so much. Just Sun. April 19we were in the garden planting just the right amount of cow poop, worm dirt, 13-13-13and etc.
This is a picture to be treasured for all times!

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