Saturday, August 1, 2009


Scrap~N~on the River was AMAZING! Lisa Bearnson coming to Natchez, MS for Scrap~N~on the River after having a wreck goes to show what a wonderful person she is. Lisa and Breaken had a terriable wreck Thank God they are ok. We tried to show them what true southern hospitality is all about. My prayer is that Lisa will come back next year and bring her whole family. I feel Lisa and I are alot alike. We both have strong faith, family, scrapbooking and friends. Lisa has the sweetest personality.

Brecken, Annette, Lisa, Pam & Momma

Slick & Lisa

The cake we had to celebrate was AMAZING!

Linda McClure from Vidalia, LA made the cake using the cricut to decorate cake. Notice the scrapbook paper on the table. Mrs. McClure made the cake look like the paper. Cool! I wish we could show people there is so much more to learning basic math, english, history, science. We can make learning fun. Mrs. McClure was a school teacher and now she makes cakes and has fun doing it. I did not think I would ever need all the above subjects but I use them daily in scrapbooking. I have just learned a creative way to use them and remember them. There is a creative way to get students attention. Slick took ceramics at Co-Lin to get his GPA up. It worked but whats more important is he learned something new. Now he is taken ceramics II. He sold his ceramics at Scrap~N~on the River.

Slick tries so hard to help the young girls that come to the convention with their mothers to feel good. He says he knows what it felt like at the DU banquet as a child and he did not win anything. He tries to make sure that does not happen at Scrap~N~on the River.

All the Scrap~N~on the River QUEENS!
More to come. We are planning for the 2010 convention. It will be
July 22, 23&24,2010.


  1. Thanks for a wonderful event! The Baton Rouge gals had a blast!!! Can't wait to come back in 2010!!! You are a wonderful hostess with the sweetest family!! You need to come to BR soon and crop with us!! Like maybe you need to come to 2 scrappin chicks in November!!!!! Whatcha think about that??!!

  2. I can't wait until next year. I am posting this comment on my new mini laptop that I won on the raffle. Thanks Pam for putting on a wonderful crop. Lisa was great. Vendors were awesome and I truly loved winning all my prizes. LOL!

  3. wow,

    looks like you all had so much fun, maybe next year I can attend. I live in Memphis TN area, but inlaws live in Vicksburg.


  4. Another Great crop. Like Pam said, Lisa was absolutely fantastic..very friendly and down to earth. This was my 5th year, and I can't wait until next year. Besides scrapping, you get to meet people from all areas. Keep up the good work.

  5. Pam, we always have a wonderful time at Scrap-N-on the River, mainly because you are such a fantastic hostess and really know how to put on a very exciting event, and partly because absolutely EVERYONE we come in contact with in Natchez appears to be just the sweetest people ever. As a vendor, and as a cropper, your event is positively outstanding and we can't wait until next year!!! Thank you for getting Lisa Bearnson to come to this last one. She is truly a very nice, down-to-earth person, and meeting her was kind of like an historical event, in my mind! To me, she is the one who truly got scrapbooking out to the masses in publication, and I think we all owe her a great debt of gratitude. She certainly has mine! I don't know what my life would be like if I didn't have papercrafting in it. My entire world revolves around papercrafting, and she has helped put that world together. So, thank you to her, and to you and everyone else who helped out at your event. I wouldn't miss Scrap-N-on the River for anything!