Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Red Cross is a Blessing

My name is Pam Frank, I am the Interim Chapter Manager of the Adams County Red Cross. I was on the Board of the local chapter and in March the manager’s husband, who was the Sheriff of Adams County died of a heart attack. Angie Brown (Chapter Manager) was then appointed as Sheriff leaving the Adams County Red Cross without a manager. At the board meeting I spoke up and said I can do the job. Especially since hurricane season is right around the corner and there are people in our area that need to know the Red Cross is here for them. I was then appointed to be the Interim Chapter Manager. In the past two weeks I have worked 3 single family fires. Two of which where within 1/2mile from the volunteer fire dept. No one ever thinks about joining the volunteer fire dept. or the Red Cross until they need them. This is so said to me but at least I am able to help the families. There is only one problem. I have to drive back to the office and log on to the Red Cross website so I can activate the families credit card. This can take up to 4 long hours. There is NO reason it should take so long with today's technology. I should be able to activate the cards at the site. But because our Chapter is small we do not have the funds to update our computers and purchase the latest technology in order to help our clients immediately. We are also in need of a 4-wheel drive vehicle to be able to get to some of our clients. One of our clients lived down a road that was nothing but mud and it was raining at the time. I am trying to look for any grants that might help our Chapter. When I got the email about twitting for a chance at $100,000.00 for the Red Cross I thought I would at least try. The money would get put to great use. We would be able to help any client any where on the spot. I am praying our Chapter will be awarded the money. Also if any others that read this would like to help the Adams County Chapter of the American Red Cross can call 601-442-3656 or send donations to 211 N. Union St., Natchez, MS. 39120. It would greatly appreciated.

We in Adams County are in a DEPRESSED community and we are looking for jobs to come to our community. This is why I am writing you today after receiving the email from Brian Rhoa on the subject Execs: Process Begins to Determine Centers of Expertise for Accounting I know without a doubt our community leaders would do what ever it takes to get the COE’s in Natchez, MS. I have been out of the work force for about 10yrs and do not understand with technology as it is the ARC is so for behind times. I was raised by a single mother with three children watching M.A.S.H. seeing the BIG RED CROSS everywhere. But over the years until Hurricane Katrina and Rita I did not know what happened to the BIG RED CROSS. I am very interested in the Red Cross because I like helping people in need. Since 2005 our nation has over come a lot of bumps in the road and we as a national organization need to learn how to put it in gear and roll on with the changes. But pay attention to what the needs are. There is so much red tape that bogs us down it is hard to move forward. I have a number of ideas that would be very cost effective and would put the BIG RED CROSS out there in a positive way.

You can go to and to read up on the Adams County Red Cross. You can also go on my website to see who I am, and after, you should be able to tell I am a go getter and do not back down from a challenge. I would like to do what ever I can to help make the ARC in our community/nation more user friendly and service minded

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  1. Wow, Pam, it sounds like you are learning so much! I think it's awesome we have good people like yourself working for our communities and for people in need. Thanks!