Sunday, March 8, 2009

Proud Mother of a Southren Man

I just found out Slick danced at the pageant. I have waited 20yrs to see my boy participate in the pageant but I did not get to see him. He was not prepared to dance but I understand he did a great job according to some people that was there. How this come about is as follows: He went to the pageant with one of his friends to see his friends girlfriend dance. He was dressed as always with jeans, the sleeves cut out of a t-shirt with boots. He was not at all dressed for the occasion but his friends girl choose Slick because the one that was suppose to be picked did not show up. Slick was not going to let a friend be humiliated by not having a partner. He did just what any SOUTHERN MAN would do. He got up and dance with her and had a great time doing it. His grandmother and I are so proud of him because he did not let that young lady down. I hope someone got a picture of him and will send it to me. Things do not always work out just as they are suppose to so don't stress the small stuff.


  1. Pam, I would love to see that, too. All of us scrappin Momma's are proud of Slick..

  2. I would have not expected anything different from Slick. He is a true Southern Man. Love that guy.