Monday, March 2, 2009

Be Good

I went to the Board of Supervisors meeting today. It has been so long since I had been. The last thing my hubsand said was "Be good and do not say anything". I said ok. Well he knows I can not just go and say nothing. But he was not there!lol When the subject of the county changing insurance carriers I could not be quiet. Why is the county changing insurance carriers when BCBS is doing a great job? The past few times the county change insurance we where notified after the fact. I would go to the doctor & give my ins. card then six months later find out a doctor bill was not paid because we where not covered at that time by that provider. By the time everything is figured out what had happened it was too late. We would have to pay the bill ourselves. I have heard of this happening to others too. Do you see why I could not just be quiet. I was nice I just ask some questions. Like why are we having open enrollment and the county is bidding for insurance? The Board of Supervisors said they were unaware of that. I explained that was one of the reasons I was in town. The other reason was to give the Board the numbers on the convention. So they would know what my family has been able to do in 5yrs. I invited all the Board members to come to the convention but I did for-warn them there is alot of estrogne in the convention center the weekend of July 23-25, 2009. LOL! My husband just called and said he heard I did NOT do what he said about being good and quiet. What can I say, I am just PAM!

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  1. You go girl. Proud of you. Sometimes it hard to keep quite. That is the reason they have those meetings. I would be nice for them to come to te conventio to see what you have done in such a short time.